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From an early age, Aleksandra knew her professional passion would be working with children to improve their capacity for socialization and learning. Since immigrating to the United States, Aleksandra has been working with Pre-K, UPK, ESL, and G&T children in various capacities. Ms. Alex enjoys creating an environment that promotes early childhood development of artistic skills More»



The New York City Department of Education (DOE) administers the NYC Gifted and Talented Test to children between the ages of four and seven, entering grades K-3, to determine eligibility for a coveted seat in an NYC gifted and talented school or program. These assessments are widely used throughout the country to test for entry into gifted programs, as they are intended to provide a balanced, thorough, and unbiased insight into a child’s verbal and nonverbal intellectual abilities. 

Should My Child Take the NYC G&T Test?

No matter what your child’s abilities are, it is never a waste of time to take the NYC G&T Test.

It can be difficult to identify whether or not your child is recognized as gifted. In this sense, the NYC G&T Test does not only act as an admission tool, but as a way to accurately map out your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether your goal is admission to a specific program, or an accurate view of your child’s abilities, it is imperative to properly prepare for this exam. Properly preparing is the best to get the most out of this test. 

How Do I Determine If My Child Is Eligible?  

For every G&T program your child applies for, high testing scores are essential. The Gifted and Talented Programs span across all 32 of NYC’s districts. There are approximately 100 of these G&T programs across the city. Students can only apply to one of the programs located in their district of residence to be considered. These schools require a score of 90 and above. 

Citywide Gifted and Talented Programs are open to any student within the five boroughs. These programs are more demanding, and they require a ranking of 97 or more to be considered.