Our Mission and Our Approach:

At OWLS, our primary mission is to create an environment where individuals enhance their abilities to: Observe all that is possible; Wonder about what is and can be; Learn and acquire the appropriate knowledge to Succeed in school, society and life.

Based in Forest Hills, New York, OWLS offer a variety of small groups and individual language courses and training services for students of all ages and learning levels in English as a Second Language. Our tailored approach to language education personalizes the learning experience and transforms the foreign into the familiar. Simply stated, we make learning fun and we try to make it enjoyable by utilizing proven techniques and methodologies. We carefully assess the student’s level as well as their language learning style, needs and goals. Instead of one trying a one-size-fits all curriculum, we skillfully create a course for the student that best fits their unique situation.

In addition to ESL, at OWLS, we offer programs to prepare students for the NYC Gifted and Talented assessment test. We understand that testing provides an objective and systematic way for identifying gifted children. However, test often exclude underserved gifted students who are English Language learners, disabled, or from minority or low-income backgrounds. We believe our unique methods of instruction provide our students with the necessary preparation to ensure no gifted learner is overlooked. As we do with our ESL students, we develop learning programs for the individual students. Our goal is to make the student well prepared and confident in their capabilities. This approach reduces the anxieties associated with test taking, which can unfavorably impact a student’s performance.

Good teachers are primarily good listeners, able to sense an individual’s strengths. At OWLS, we pride ourselves in our ability to work with each student to carefully and accurately assess their needs. And we are always ready to re-shape their course as needed, responding to the student’s changing needs over time.

We want to ensure that every student maximize their OWLS abilities! As such, we offer an option to give our students customized lessons in the privacy and comfort of their homes. We believe teaching in an environment where students feel comfortable, is an essential element to maximizing one’s capabilities.